• Fasteners & Connectors supplierFasteners & Connectors supplier

Connectors and fasteners are usually only seen by the builders, but they are one of the most important components of a home. Niece carries the most trusted and comprehensive line of structural connectors on the market today.

FastenMaster – LOK Line supplier

FastenMaster – LOK Line

Fastenmaster LOK Line is a code approved line of time saving connectors that replace carriage bolts and lag screws. Why take the time to pre-drill large pilot holes through your lumber, then drive the connector into it. Eliminate a step at a competitive cost and give yourself a strong, clean, worry free connection that is code approved. LOK Line products are in stock at Niece Lumber in multiple lengths and pack sizes. Most are also sold by the piece.

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Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors supplier Lambertville, NJ

Simpson Strong-Tie Connectors

Simpson Strong-Tie focuses on creating structural products that help support and strengthen the frames of homes and buildings, making them stronger and safer. Although most homeowners never see our products, they play an important role in making sure your house stays together, especially during a natural disaster. Niece Lumber stocks a comprehensive line of Simpson Strong-Tie connectors for all applications.

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Camo Fasteners supplier Lambertville, NJ

Camo Fasteners

The CAMO Hidden Deck Fastening System is the first hidden fastening system that easily and affordably attaches treated lumber, hardwood, cedar, composite or PVC deckboards directly to the substructure creating a beautiful, fastener-free deck surface. CAMO Hidden Fasteners were independently tested and exceeded ASTM Uplift Resistance standards in all solid and grooved wood, composite, and PVC and boards tested. CAMO also exceeded ASTM Thermal Cycling standards in all solid wood, composite, and PVC and boards tested.

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