Kitchen Questionnaire

Inset cabinets or overlay? Painted finish or stained? Please take a few minutes and fill out our Kitchen remodel questionnaire so that we can better serve you. We will carefully review your information and will often reference this while designing your “dream kitchen.”

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 Cabinetry 101: The least you should know

For most homeowners, kitchen remodeling is the largest investment they will make aside from the home itself. How do you make sure you get what you want, at a price that will let you cook in that new kitchen?
Learn more about cabinetry now so you’re ready for a new kitchen later.

Contractor List

The following kitchen installers are regular – long time Niece Lumber customers. Niece Kitchens and/or Niece Lumber cannot legally recommend contractors specifically. We encourage you to contact multiple contractors to find out the best fit for you and your project.

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