The finishing touches are what homeowners notice first. Choosing trim that looks beautiful, protects the home, and supports your eco-conscious building practices is easier than ever, thanks to ACRE™ trim products from Modern Mill.

Now, you can get ACRE™ trim boards at Niece Lumber! This groundbreaking new wood-alternative supports our dedication to stock products that bring you the latest innovations and help bring your projects to life.

ACRE™ by Modern Mill is one of the most significant product breakthroughs in years. It’s a beautiful new wood-alternative that combines green manufacturing with long-lasting durability. Made in the USA without harming a single tree, ACRE™ contains no phenol, formaldehyde, or adhesives. It’s strong and light and requires no specialized tools to cut, nail, or drill. ACRE™ resists water, weather, and pests and is guaranteed not to rot, crack, or splinter.

What you see is the beautiful look of wood. What you get is a product that’s easy to work with, maintenance-free (which homeowners love), and won’t break down over time (even when exposed to the harsh weather conditions of the Northeast).

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acre by modern mill trim

Benefits of ACRE™ Trim Products

No trees were harmed in the making of ACRE™ trim products. That’s right, while ACRE™ trim looks and acts just like wood, it’s not wood (and not even a wood composite!). This 100% tree-free product protects our forests while giving you all the benefits of wood and other composite materials.

You might be wondering what ACRE™ is made of. It’s manufactured using upcycled natural fibers from discarded rice hulls, a renewable resource and naturally water-resistant material that will continue to offer you the highest level of performance and durability year after year.

There is no need for additional tools or training when working with ACRE™ trim boards; you can use the same woodworking tools you already have, and each board is easy to cut, glue, and bond, and accepts screws and nails just like wood. With ACRE™ trim boards, there’s no static cling that typically comes with PVC and there is less expansion and contraction that you get with PVC. You can even use ACRE™ trim for curved applications.

When it comes to color, the possibilities are endless. That’s because ACRE™ trim boards can be stained or painted just like wood, or you can choose to leave the products unfinished for a natural look. For painting ACRE™ trim with a darker color, be sure to follow their recommendations and choose from their approved coatings to achieve the finished look you are aiming for.

Contact us at Niece Lumber to get ACRE™ trim products today, where each board can be matched specifically to your unique project for authentic, seamless style and a true one-of-a-kind finish.


Get ACRE™ Trim on Your Jobsite Today

When you’re looking for that authentic wood aesthetic but want your trim to stand up to water, weather, fire, pests, and UV rays…choose the most innovative product on the market today – ACRE™ trim by Modern Mill.

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