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Niece Lumber is the largest and most knowledgeable dealer of Smart Vent products.

Smart Vent Products, Inc. is the worldwide leading manufacturer of foundation flood venting systems and takes pride in having a FEMA-Accepted and ICC-ES Certified flood vent product line. Architects, Builders, Code Officials, Engineers, Homeowners, Insurance Agents, Realtors, and Surveyors are all turning to Smart Vent Foundation Flood Vents to protect homes from the devastation and destruction that floods can cause. Smart Vent is providing over 80 million sq. ft. of certified flood protection around the world today.

Smart Flood Vents are Engineered Openings and are certified to meet all Building Codes, FEMA Regulations, and NFIP Flood Insurance Requirements. Founded in 2001, all products are made in the United States out of Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel. We are fully committed to ideals of responsible corporate citizenship, and making efforts to educate consumers, design professionals, and government officials on floodplain management techniques.

Smart Vent offers a full line of models to fit any application, residential or commercial. Models range from the Dual Function Smart Vent Series, offering flood protection and natural air ventilation, to the Insulated Flood Vent Series. Besides CMU Block/Foundation Models we offer Wood Wall Models (ideal for garage walls), Overhead Garage Door Models, and Pour-in-Place Buck Models for Poured Foundation Walls. A full line of accessories are available including Trim & Sleeve Kits, Fire Dampers, Rain Shields, and Powder Coat Paint Options.

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