Craftsmanship does pay. The first thing you notice on a home is the detail work. That’s why Niece Lumber has partnered with WindsorONE to supply their Classic American Molding Collection to homes throughout our trading area and beyond.

So, what makes WindsorONE special? Let’s start with its historical accuracy. Brent Hull, a graduate of the prestigious North Bennett Street School and historic millwork expert, designed the WindsorONE Molding Collection. Comprised of four historically inspired styles: Classic Colonial, Greek Revival, Classical Craftsman and Colonial Revival. Each includes all the components to design an architecturally proportionate room, eliminating guesswork. Go with a complete style or mix and match to create your own signature look.

Lets face it, our regular stock molding lines have their place and we sell miles of them every year and always will. But our clients have a desire to not do what is ordinary. WindsorONE now gives Niece Lumber the ability to provide some “sizzle” to their client projects. Whether its a Bucks County farmhouse renovation, a new build overlooking Carnegie Lake in Princeton or a small mud room addition in Lambertville, the WindsorONE lineup is sure to please.


American Moulding Collection