“We own a farmhouse built in 1757, but had a Kitchen that looked like 1981.  We desperately needed to create a modern kitchen in function, but in a style that was age appropriate.  Niece's Lumber had all the answers we needed. And Bill Schibel was an excellent guide!  He listened, accepted, suggested, pushed back and created.  We were so pleased with the design, that we wanted him to work on other projects simultaneously.  Yet Bill was smart to defer us to his peers who were expert in those areas, like Mike Nocar who got us reclaimed beams, flooring and the perfect new door.  Besides working well together, Mike and Bill also collaborated seamlessly with our own contractor who also praised their teamwork. The end result - a Kitchen that is a perfect blend of modern amenities and farm appropriate style. Plus we came in on budget and on time.  What more can you ask for?  Maybe a miracle?  Well, I actually enjoy cooking again, so in fact they work miracles too! Thank you Bill, Mike and all the great staff of Niece's Lumber for creating a perfect kitchen for the ages. ”

Kyle & Darius - Homeowner