Its no secret we love to sell our clear bevel cedar products. Other lap sidings in the marketplace haven’t met our expectations with what a true bevel should look like…until now! When Boral launched their Bevel products late in 2016, we were on board immediately. Stocked in 1/2×6 and 1/2×8, this product comes in below the cost of “real wood” and offers serious long term advantages for homeowners. We love that the butt end measures a true 1/2″, not 5/16″ like other non-wood products. Pair this product with Boral trim and our in-stock housewrap selections (Hydrogap and Block-It) and you have yourself a cladding system rivaled by no other. For more information please stop into our showroom and see the Boral Bevel displays.

Boral Bevel 1/2×6 on our showroom wall

Boral TruExterior® Siding Facts

  • Workability exceeds that of wood siding
  • Installs with standard woodworking tools and methods
  • No need to prime ends or field cuts
  • Easily accepts paint of any color
  • Accepts a wide variety of fasteners
  • Resists rot and termite attacks†
  • Maintains high level of dimensional stability†
  • No cracking or splitting from moisture
  • 16’ lengths
  • Made in the USA
  • 20-year limited warranty