CEVN PVC Decking

INTEPLAST, maker of CEVN, the first dual sided, dual colored cellular PVC deck board, frees homeowners and contractors from the traditional constraints of color and design. Their unique manufacturing process showcases the latest trends in exterior style and beauty, while providing unsurpassed quality and long-lasting performance. Featuring the highest quality PVC shell, made with ASA technology, CEVN Decking is soon to be the leader in PVC decking. Don't get confused, PVC decking is not all the same, CEVN is the only PVC manufacturer who uses a 100% ASA cap, unlike competitors who use a low quality PVC cap or a blend of ASA and PVC. 100% ASA capping contributes to your decks long last color or durability.

So who is INTEPLAST? They are North America's largest plastics company, they are the worlds 3rd largest plastic company. At the INTEPLAST plant in Texas, they have been producing PVC building materials for about 15 years, they even produce the plastic resins for many of the composite and PVC deck boards on the market today.

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